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Images of industry

Click on the descriptions below for photographs that can be used in other applications or printed out (see allowed use notes below).

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Chemical plant External view Ethene production facility
  Pipework Storage tanks
  Steam cracker Steam pipes
  Reactor vessel Computerised control room
  Power station cooling towers Forced draught cooling towers
People Checking for leaks Operating a control valve
  Safety clothing - welding Inspecting a boiler burner
Transport Oil tanker Road tanker
  Train Fork lift truck
Products PVC blood bags Polycarbonate car indicators
  Fertilisers Polycarbonate telephone booth
  Plastic bottles (PET) Polythene bags
  Soap Fuels
  Soft drinks Medicines
  Electrical appliances PVC windows
  Synthetic materials Cosmetics
  Household cleaners Paints, pigments and dyes

Permitted use of images
These images may be used, free of charge, by teachers for the production of non-commercial educational materials (worksheets, presentations, etc.) for use with the teacher's classes. They may also be reproduced on school or pupil web sites that are not-for-profit. It is expressly forbidden to reproduce or redistribute these images for any other application or commercial gain.

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